Organically grown vegetables,

flowers, & herbs

  • Cherry Grove Organic Farm Facebook
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Urban farm concept aiming to grow produce in Essex County, NJ

  • Cour et Sol Urban Farms Facebook
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Purvey & deliver fresh food directly from local farms throughout NJ & Eastern PA

  • Harvest Drop Facebook
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Fresh, local, organically grown produce

and farm products

  • North Slope Farm Facebook
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Community supported agriculture group (CSA),  supporting community & providing seasonal food

  • Farm & Fork Society Facebook
  • Farm & Fork Society Instagram

Locally & sustainably sourced purveyor of wild & specialty provisions (mushrooms, berries, etc.)

  • The Foraged Feast Facebook
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Dependable outlet for farmers to sell fresh produce directly to chefs and grocers

  • Zone 7 Facebook
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  • Zone 7 Twitter